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    Are you who you say you are ?
    Si eres quien dices que eres ?
    What ethnicity are you ? Are you who you say you are ? The fact is that a lot of people do not know, or believe in, Afro-Latinos. That state of mind most people have about ethnicity is that your one thing or the other, based on looks. Looks can be deceving, a person can be a decendant of many ethnicities and look like a pure bread. If you are of one and only one ethnicity, than you know what you are hands down. In reality a lot of black people are not African.

    During the slave trade 12-15 million slaves were sent to Latino countries, only 5% were sent to America, as scene in the charter map above. The odds of a black person being Afro-latino are very high, higher than the odds of being a black person with a “little indian” in you. Some of these Afro-Latinos are your favorite celeberties, Carmelo Anthony, Lloyd Banks, Juelz Santana, Maxwell, Miguel Nunez, Shar Jackson, Lauren Nelez, Rosario Dawson, all of these celeberties are Afro-Puerto Rican decent. Latinos are stereotyped as being light-skin spanish speaking people which is not true. Even the majority of latinos are not light-skin, they are mostly brown and dark-skinned people because of their African roots, This is the same as light skinned-latinos being light-skinned because of thier European roots.
    “I never thought of it like that. That’s very true. It is unfair how White Latino’s, and other Latino’s with light skin, can simply say “I’m Latino” and no one will question it. But Afro Latino’s have to state that they’re Afro Latino in order to be recognized, and even when they do people still question it.” -Chivalri
    True, and the same goes for white/caucasian people. if you see a white person you assume that they’re just white, but in accuallity they could be Irish, Welch, etc. Just because your skin is white or black, it doesnt mean that you are pure african or pure caucasian. If you are of pure race it is a equally great thing, but who ever said that there arent any black latinos were wrong. Black people and latinos are very culture driven people and because of that they have similar and diverse likes and dislikes, like rap music hip-hop and R&B. Black and latinos have been successful by expressing thier love for thier culture.
    Because of the influences of thier culture, many stereotypes are created and associated with black and latino people. The stereotypes are very fimiliar to everybody, unless you been living under a rock all your life. (Stereotype)- “black people fry chicken, latinos will re-fry it,” one of the lighter stereotypes, but everyone has heard at least one. Black History Month and Dominican & Puerto Rican (latino) Day parades are all ment to celebrate culture and heritage but many of us dont know our heritage and culture.

    "THIS latino/hispanic is NOT BLACK! I know a lot of Black Latinos as well as White and Native (Mestizo) Hispanics/Latinos. But Latino/Hispanic is not a RACE!! It is a culture that unites us as one! That is the beauty of it. We come in all colours, shapes and sizes!! Some of us have blond hair, blue eyes and some of us have kinky hair and very dark skin. Still others have black straight hair and brown, slightly slanted eyes!!! We are a culture/ethnic group made up of several races." -dvdtrr
    The classic hostory lesson were are taught is that Christopher Columbus, a spaniard, discovered the Americas. They tell us how the first thanksgiving was to be remembered. What we dont learn is how the spaniards rapped and killed the natives of the americas, which include Central and South America, with the same thing happing in the Caribbean and Brazil. After distroying the lands and stealing the resources, they forcfully obtained 15million African slaves. As you can image dispite the laws separating the conquered natives and the enslaved africans they eventually mixed. During Black History Month we revisited the legacies of Dr.Martin Luther King and Malcolm X along with many others.We never look at the otherside of the spectrum, the afro-latino side of things. I mean they are of african decent still.
    Long before Barak Obama became president and before Rev. Jessie Jackson attempt at the presidency, there was Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s first black president. Vicente was an afro-indio mexican who was bilingual in his native languages. “During his presidency, Guerrero’s penchant for telling jokes and sprinkling his speech with native words annoyed members of the refined social elite” - Under Vicente’s command slavery was abolished. “In a subsequent civil war Guerrero was captured and assassinated by Bustamante hirelings, who included an Italian sea captain who kidnapped the president in Acapulco harbor and delivered him to a Cuban mercenary in Huatulco, who passed him to the son of a Spaniard who had been a general for Spain in the independence war, In last words to the firing squad, Guerrero said that whatever he had done, it was in the interest of Mexico”-Vicente Guerrero
    Knowing Your Culture
    conocer su cultura
    When Vicente spoke he “sprinkling his speech with native words,” but this was his culture. Today when a afro-latino speaks spanish to his african friends they are confused and weirded out, parra que? Because they think your just black and you shouldnt speak spanish. Afro-latinos are intitled if not obligated to learn and know about both or all of our cultures. I am sure that fair skinned people are intuned with their history and culture, if not they should. Theres no reason for afro-latinos to culturaly sensitive. Cultural sensitivity only comes from negative prosonas, really its just a code of respect. Respect peoples culture, if they are of both african and latino decent then respect both there heritages.
    “I get the same thing every time i speak spanish someone says well your black how do you speak spanish. Its annoying and I always say im black and latino, spanish is my first language and latinos come in all shades.” - taraisa20
    First remember that all spanish speaking people are not mexican.No, they are not all the same,humbly ask where there hispanic side comes from. Hispanic culture is a rich culture that anyone latino or not can enjoy, and the same goes for african heritage as well. Some of the worsts things you can do to a person is insult there heritage or heritages. The culture of a people is a important value. This value has been stolen, and many times insulted before; This goes for all cultures, not just the afro-latino culture.

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